Modernizing system-centric file transfer!

Cloudbuz MFT is a powerful and modern Managed File Transfer solution supporting enterprises to securely automate and transfer system-centric files between internal systems, business partners, customers and suppliers.

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Cloudbuz® features and business benefits

Improve the way you manage your file transfers securely. Never lose control and put more focus on growth of your business. Automate and exchange your business data securely with your partners while managing and monitoring on any device.


Would your IT department profit from reducing daily hands-on involvement?

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Simplify all file transfers

In all enterprises with multiple systems and frequent file transfers manual intervention means hands-on work and potential security risk. With Cloudbuz MFT you can easily automate daily hands-on tasks and finally get rid of outdated or even dangerous home-grown solutions that require frequent supervision and maintenance.


  •  Comprehensive event scheduler for running workflows
  •  Schedule and monitor recurring file transfers from a central interface
  •  Alarms and automatic process initiation when triggered events occur
  •  Automate the recovery and restart of failed transfers


Can you be sure files have been delivered to their final destination securely?

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Security is priority

All data has to move in your business at some point in time. Moving files, to and from departments, business units, partners, customers, is instrumental in every organization. Cloudbuz MFT allows you to establish, automate and manage a secure file transfer with your business partners in minutes - without compromising security.


  •  Data encryption (AES 256 bit) through the entire transaction between all access points
  •  Built-in Tamper Protection
  •  X.509 certificate to ensure the authenticity of a client
  •  End to End monitoring


Does your current solution have End to End monitoring and audit capabilities?

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Compliance through simplicity

File transfers are not only about security, even though security is top priority. Businesses are also affected by a failing audit. How can you be sure the files got where they were intended to go or if they were even sent? With Cloudbuz MFT your business gain instant visibility into the status of your file transfers. Administration is easy, yet comprehensive for complete control with End to End audit control.


  •  Real-time activity monitoring
  •  End to End audit control
  •  Business Activity Monitoring
  •  Customised reporting


Is fast and easy on-boarding of new connections important for your business?

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Scale as your business grows

Developed to automate all types of file transfers Cloudbuz MFT as a service (SaaS) offers a robust solution for all business sizes and needs. Capable of efficiently handling millions of files there is no limit to the number of files you can exchange at any given time. If your file transfer solution needs to grow our flexible offerings allow your business to deploy and use only the features that you need, as you need them.


  •  Quickest deployment
  •  Minimize operational costs
  •  Easiest on-boarding of new connections
  •  Add capabilities as you grow
  •  Enables replacement of old legacy FTP solution


3 easy steps to get you started

Within minutes you are able to automate file transfers between your organization and your business partners or if you prefer between systems in your own network. Follow these three simple steps to get started with Cloudbuz.

Register an account

Download and install

Download and install the appropriate (FTP or File Server) connector(s) on your server(s).


Administrators can now create automated processes in minutes and invite 3rd parties. FTP flows can be managed via the same interface.


Total time less than 15 minutes.

Become a partner

A partnership that supports your goals. There are several ways of selling and integrating Cloudbuz into your offering.

Cloud and Service Providers

Providers have the benefit from fully labeling of Cloudbuz and the option to rebrand and package the product in any way to fit existing product and services.


System Integrators offer Cloudbuz to support applications on-premises in the end customers own IT environment.

Subscription models

Sign Up and get started today. Always feel welcome contacting us!

Lite version


  • Max file size 10 MB
  • Max no. of files / mo 100
  • Max VOL / mo 10 MB
  • No. of users 1
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • http support
  • (S)FTP(S) support
  • Speed priority
  • Reports (pdf, html, xls)
  • Usergroups
  • Multi-organizations
  • Support - mail
  • Support - phone
  • Customized support/SLA


Contact Sales

  • Max file size UNL
  • Max no. of files / mo UNL
  • Max VOL / mo UNL
  • No. of users UNL
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • http support
  • (S)FTP(S) support
  • Speed priority
  • Reports (pdf, html, xls)
  • Usergroups
  • Multi-organizations
  • Support - mail
  • Support - phone
  • Customized support/SLA

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